Marcus Minucius Felix

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Minucius Felix (170-250) was one of the earliest of the Latin apologists for Christianity.  He authored the Octavius, a dialogue on Christianity between the pagan Caecilius Natalis and the Christian Octavius Januarius.

Extant Writings:

  • Octavius

Quotes & Excerpts:

“We maintain modesty not only on the surface but in the mind. We cling freely to the bond of one marriage. In the desire to procreate, we know one wife or none at all.  With chaste discourse and even more chaste body, many of us enjoy rather than boast of the perpetual virginity of a body undefiled.” – Octavius 31:5 by Minucius Felix (Written ca 220 A.D.)

“There are some pagan women who, by drinking medical preparations, extinguish the source of the future child in their very bowels and thus commit a patricide before they bring forth. These things assuredly come down from the teaching of your false gods.. To us Christians it is not lawful either to see or hear of homicide.”– Octavias 30 (Written in 226 A.D.)

“See how, for our consolation, all of nature suggests the future resurrection. The sun sinks, but is reborn. The stars go out, but return again. Flowers die, but return to life.  I am not ignorant of the fact that many, being conscious of what they deserve, would hope rather than actually believe that there is nothing after death.  They would prefer to be annihilated rather than face punishment.” – Octavius 34:9 (Written ca 220 A.D.)

“If upon entering some home you saw that everything there was well tended, neat and decorative, you would believe that some master was in charge of it, and that he himself was much superior to these good things. So too in this world, when you see providence, order, and law in the heavens and on earth, believe that there is a Lord and Author of the universe, more beautiful than the stars themselves or the various parts of the earth.” – Octavius 8:4 (Written ca 220 A.D.)