Caelius Sedulius

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Caelius Sedulius (Died ca. 440 A.D.) was a Christian poet of the first half of the 5th century.  Extremely little is known about his life.   Late in life he converted to Christianity, or, if a Christian before, began to take his faith more seriously.  Isidore of Seville refers to him as a presbyter.  His most famous poem is the Carmen paschale, based on the four gospels.


  • Carmen paschale
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Quotes and Excerpts:

“Because of one man, all his descendants perished;
And all are saved because of one man.
Because of one woman, the deadly door opened;
And life returned, because of one woman.”

-Elegia 5-8

“As the tender rose springs up among prickly thorns
But does not offend in any way, since its beauty obscures
its thorny branches,
So holy Mary, the new virgin descending
from the branch of Eve,
Makes pure the old virgin’s offense.
Just so the old nature languished, corrupted
Under the sentence of death. Once Christ was born,
Man could be born anew and cast off his old nature’s stain.”

-Carmen Paschale 2:28-34

“After the ancient prophets told what was to come about,
The angel revealed to untouched Mary that it was very near.
Faith received the message, and suddenly a heavenly burden
Filled the maiden’s womb: the world’s Maker
Made himself obey the laws of birth. The unmarried Virgin
looks with wonder
At her swollen belly and rejoices: she is to bear
her own Creator.?”

-Carmen Paschale 2:35-40

“Hail, O holy mother; you gave birth to the King
Who governs heaven and earth forever, whose
Divinity and dominion embrace everything
in one eternal realm
And endure without end. In your blessed womb
You hold a mother’s joy, yet you enjoy the honor of virginity.
No woman like you was seen before, nor did one appear after;
You alone, without comparison, were the woman
who pleased Christ.”

-Carmen Paschale 2: 63-69

“We are the blind offspring of the children of pitiful Eve,
Bringing with us the shadows born of an age-old error.
But when God deigned to assume the mortal form
Of a human nature, then came forth from the Virgin
A world of salvation.”

-Carmen Paschale 4:265-269

“The synagogue withdrew, eclipsed by his face.
Christ unites himself to the Church in fairest love.
This illuminates the conspicuous greatness of Mary,
Who, while always conserving the glorious name of Mother,
Remains a Virgin ever.
The Lord showed himself to her eyes first,
When he revealed himself openly in the light, so that
the good Mother,
Who was once the way of his arrival,
By spreading the news of the great miracles,
Became the sign of his return as well.”

– Carmen Paschale 5: 357-364

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