St. Lawrence of Brindisi

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Lawrence of Brindisi (1559 – 1619), born Giulio Cesare Russo, was a Roman Catholic priest and a theologian as well as a member of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, a religious order of Franciscan friars. An accomplished linguist, in addition to his native Italian, Lawrence could read and speak Latin, Hebrew, Greek, German, Bohemian, Spanish, and French fluently. Beginning in 1599, Lawrence established Capuchin monasteries in modern Germany and Austria, furthering the Counter-Reformation and bringing many Protestants back to the Catholic faith.

During the foundation of the convent of Prague in 1601, Lawrence was named the imperial chaplain for the army of Rudolph II, Holy Roman Emperor, to help fight against the Ottoman Turks. Lawrence then led the army during the siege of Székesfehérvár in Hungary from the Ottoman Empire, armed only with a crucifix.

In 1619, He was sent as a special envoy to the King of Spain regarding the actions of the Viceroy of Naples and after finishing his mission, died on his 60th birthday in Lisbon. He was beatified in 1783 by Pope Pius VI and was canonized in 1881 by Pope Leo XIII.  In 1959 Pope John XXIII declared him Doctor of the Church with the title “Apostolic Doctor”.


  • Mariale
  • Lutheranismi hypotyposis
  • Explanatio in Genesim
  • Quadragesimale primum
  • Quadragesimale secundum
  • Quadragesimale tertium
  • Quadragesimale quartum
  • Adventus
  • Dominicalia
  • Sanctorale
  • Sermones de tempore

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