Leontius of Byzantium

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Leontius of Byzantium (485-543) was born Constantinople, but, according to Cyril of Scythopolis’  Vita Sabae, Leontius became a monk of the Lavra of St. Saba monastery near Jerusalem.  In 531 he accompanied Saba to Constantinople, where he was condemned for his Origenist views.  Leontius is best known for the theory of the enhypostasia (ἐνυποστασία) of the human nature of Christ in the divine hypostasis of the Logos, which is an affirmation of the permanence and distinction of the two natures of Christ — divine and human — after the Incarnation, a condition which Leontius identified as hypostatic union.


  • Corpus Leontianum
  • Contra Nestorianos (Against the Nestorians)
  • Contra Nestorianos et Eutychianos (Against the Nestorians and Eutychianism)
  • Dialogue against the Aphthartodocetists
  • Epilysis (a work work against Severus of Antioch)
  • Epaporemata (another work work against Severus of Antioch)

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