St. Serapion of Thmuis

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Saint Serapion (ca. 330 to 360) was bishop of Thmuis in the Nile Delta and is sometimes referred to as Serapion the Scholastic for his learning.  He was a prominent supporter of Athanasius in the struggle against Arianism and is best known for his prayer-book, The Sacramentary of Serapion of Thmuis.  It is a celebrant’s book, containing thirty prayers belonging to the Divine Liturgy or Mass (19-30, 1-6), baptism (7-11, 15, 16), ordination (12-14), benediction of oil, bread and water (17), and burial (18).

Extant Writings:

  • The Sacramentary of Serapion 

Quotes & Excerpts from The Sacramentary of Serapion:

“On the night on which he was betrayed, he took bread and broke and gave to his disciples saying, ‘take and eat, this is my body, which is being broken for you, unto the remission of sins.’ On this account too do we offer the Bread, to bring ourselves into the likeness of His death; and we pray: Reconcile us all, O God… and so too gather Your Holy Church from every nation… and make it one living Catholic Church.”

“We beseech You also on behalf of all the departed, of whom also this is the commemoration: (after mentioning their names) Sanctify these souls, for You know them all; sanctify all who have fallen asleep in the Lord and count them all among the ranks of Your Saints and give them a place and abode in Your Kingdom.”

“We bless these creatures in the Name of Jesus Christ, Thy only Son; we invoke upon this water and this oil the Name of Him Who suffered, Who was crucified, Who arose from the dead, and Who sits at the right of the Uncreated. Grant unto these creatures the power to heal; may all fevers, every evil spirit, and all maladies be put to flight by him who either drinks these beverages or is anointed with them, and may they be a remedy in the Name of Jesus Christ, Thy only Son.”

“God of powers, aid of every soul that turns to you… we beseech you, that through your divine and invisible power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, you may affect in this chrism a divine and heavenly operation, so that those baptized and anointed in the tracing with it of the sign of the saving cross of the Only-Begotten, through which cross Satan and every adverse power is turned aside and conquered, as if reborn and renewed through the bath of regeneration, may be made participants in the gift of the Holy Spirit and confirmed by this seal…”

“We beseech you, Savior of all men, you that have all virtue and power, Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and we pray that you send down from heaven the healing power of the only-begotten [Son] upon this oil, so that for those who are anointed, it may be effected for the casting out of every disease and every bodily infirmity, for an antidote against every demon. . . for good grace and remission of sins”

“Accept therewith our hallowing, as we say, ‘Holy, holy, holy Lord Sabaoth, heaven and earth is full of your glory.’ Heaven is full, and full is the earth, with your magnificent glory, Lord of virtues. Full also is this sacrifice, with your strength and your communion; for to you we offer this living sacrifice, this unbloody oblation.”
– Prayer of the Eucharistic Sacrifice 13:12-16 (Written ca 350 A.D.) *earliest recorded use of the “Sanctus”