St. Gregory Thaumaturgus
"the Miracle Worker"

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Saint Gregory Thaumaturgus (meaning the “miracle worker”) was bishop of Neocaesarea.  His conversion to Christianity is credited to Origen of Alexandria.  The most reliable historical record of Gregory’s life is the Life and Panegyric of Gregory by St. Gregory of Nyssa (P.G., XLVI, col. 893 sqq.)

Extant Writings:

  • Homily 1 On the Annunciation
  • Homily 2 On the Annunciation
  • Homily 3 On the Annunciation
  • Homily 4 On the Baptism of Our Lord
  • Canonical Epistle
  • The Oration and Panegyric Addressed to Origen
  • On the Trinity
  • Twelve Topics on the Faith
  • On the Subject of the Soul
  • On All the Saints
  • On Matthew 6:22-23
  • A Declaration of Faith
  • A Metaphrase of the Book of Ecclesiastes
  • A Sectional Confession of Faith

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