St. Peter I of Alexandria

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Peter I of Alexandria’s time as bishop included the severe persecution of Christianity from Roman Emperor Diocletian, which began in 303, and continued intermittently over the next ten years.  During this persecution, Peter was imprisoned and beheaded.  He is considered the 17th Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria by the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Extant Writings:

  • The Genuine Acts
  • The Canonical Epistle
  • Fragments

Quotes & Excerpts:

“They came to the church of the most blessed Mother of God and Ever Virgin, Mary, which, as we began to say, was constructed in the western quarter, in a suburb, for a cemetary of the martyrs.” -The Genuine Acts of Peter of Alexandria (Written 305 A.D.)

“No one shall find fault with us for observing the fourth day of the week, the preparation, on which it is reasonably asked of us to fast according to the tradition.  Because on it the Jews took counsel for the betrayal of the Lord; and on the sixth day, because on it, He himself suffered for us.  But the Lord’s day we celebrate as a day of joy, because on it He rose again.” – Canonical Epistle. Canon 15. (Written 306 A.D.)

“Peter, the first chosen of the apostles, having been apprehended often and thrown into prison and treated with ignominy, at last was crucified in Rome. And the reknowned Paul, often put in peril of death and enduring many evils, persecutions, and afflictions, was himself put to the sword and beheaded in the same city.” -Penance, canon 9 (Written in 306 A.D.)

“It is sufficient, in the case of those who have been apprehended and thrown into prison, and who sustained torments. .. and afterwards were betrayed by the frailty of their flesh. . . . that from the time of their submissive approach, another forty days should be enjoined upon them. During these days, they shall have constantly fasted, then let them watch in prayer, meditating upon what was spoken by the Lord to him who tempted Him: ‘Get behind me, Satan: for it is written, you shall worship the Lord your God and Him alone shall you serve.’ – Canonical Epistle entreating Penance of Apostate Christians (Written ca 300 A.D.)