St. Ignatius of antioch

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Ignatius of Antioch, also known as Ignatius Theophorus, was an early Christian writer and Bishop of Antioch. He is considered to be one of the three most important of the Apostolic Fathers, together with Clement of Rome and Polycarp. Tradition identifies Ignatius, along with his friend Polycarp, as disciples of John the Apostle. Instead of being executed in his home town of Antioch, Ignatius was escorted to Rome by a company of ten Roman soldiers.  While en route to Rome, Ignatius authored seven letters including one to the Ephesians, one to the Magnesians, one to the Trallians, one to the Romans, one to the Philadelphians, one to the Smyrnaeans, and one to his contemporary, Polycarp.  At Rome, he was martyred under Emperor Trajan by being “thrown to the beasts” in the coliseum.

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