St. Hegesippus "the Chronicler"

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Hegesippus the Chronicler, also known as Hegesippus the Nazarene, was a Christian writer of the early Church who may have been a Jewish convert. Hegesippus’ works are now entirely lost, save eight passages concerning Church history quoted by Eusebius (Eusebius, Church History, ii.23; iii.20; iii.32; iv.8; iv.22).  Saint Jerome stated that Hegesippus “wrote a history of all ecclesiastical events from the passion of our Lord down to his own period… in five volumes.”  In the time of Pope Anicetus (A.D. 155-166) Hegesippus travelled through Corinth to reach Rome, collecting the teachings of the various churches which he visited along the way, and ascertaining their uniformity with Rome.  Hegesippus also mentions the letter of Pope Clement I to the Corinthians.

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“After James the Just suffered martyrdom for the same reason as the Lord, Simon, his cousin, the son of Clopas, was appointed bishop, whom they all proposed because he was another cousin (Greek = anepsion) of the Lord.”  –Hypomnemata (Written 178 A.D.)