St. Theophilus of Antioch

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Theophilus was the seventh Bishop of Antioch from 169 to 182.  Eusebius mentions Theophilus’ writing against the heretic, Marcion, as being instrumental in defeating the heresy, but the only surviving work of Theophilus is his Apology to Autolycus.  Eusebius and Jerome, however, mention numerous works of Theophilus that existed in their time. They are:

  1. the existing Apologia addressed to Autolycus;
  2. a work against the heresy of Hermogenes;
  3. against that of Marcion;
  4. some catechetical writings;
  5. commentaries on the gospel and on Proverbs.

Theophilus’s apology is most notable for being the earliest extant Christian work to use the word “Trinity”, although he doesn’t use “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit”, but rather, “God, his Word (Logos) and his Wisdom (Sophia),” (Apologia ad Autolycum Book 2:15).


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