Amphilochius of Iconium

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Amphilochius of Iconium (340-394 A.D.) was a bishop of the fourth century and was probably a first cousin to Gregory of Nazianzus. Early in 374 he was appointed bishop of Iconium by Basil the Great, whom he continued to aid in Cappadocian ecclesiastical affairs until Basil’s death (379).  He remained close to Gregory of Nazianzus and accompanied him to the Council of Constantinople in 381 A.D. where he met St. Jerome (On Illustrious Men c. 133).

Quotes and Excerpts:

“It is enough, O Virgin, to be called the Mother. It suffices to be the nurse of Him who nurtures the world. It is a great thing to have held within your flesh the One who upholds all things.”
-On the Hypapante 8 (Written 390)

“What a grand and most wise strategy against the devil! The world, which had once fallen under the power of sin because of a virgin, is now restored to freedom because of a Virgin. Through the virginal birth, a great multitude of invisible demons has been cast down into Tartarus.”
-On Christmas 4 (written 390)

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