St. Jacob of Nisibis

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Jacob of Nisibis (died 337), also known as Mar Jacob of Nisibis, was the Bishop of Nisibis until his death.  He was lauded as the “Moses of Mesopotamia”, and was the spiritual father of the renowned writer and theologian Saint Ephrem the Syrian.  He is venerated as a saint by the Church of the East, Eastern Orthodox Church, Oriental Orthodox Church, Roman Catholic Church, and Eastern Catholic Churches.  Saint Jacob became a Confessor of the Faith for his suffering during persecution by Emperor Maximian.  The Chronicle of Edessa states that the saint constructed the first church in Nisibis in c. 313–320.  Saint Jacob attended the First Council of Nicaea in 325, and opposed Arius. Saint Jacob was present at the siege of Nisibis by Shapur II, Shahanshah of Iran, in 338.  The Martyrologium Hieronymianum relates that he died on 15 July, the thirtieth day of the siege.


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