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Leporius was a monk from Gaul and later (by 430) a priest. Advancing the view that man did not stand in need of divine grace, and that Christ was born with a human nature only, he was excommunicated in consequence of these heretical doctrines. He moved to Africa, and there became familiar with Aurelius and St. Augustine, by whose instructions he profited so much that he not only became convinced of his errors, but drew up a solemn recantation addressed to Proculus, bishop of Marseilles. In 418 he publicly confessed his error in the still extant Libellus emendationis sie satifactionis ad Apiscopos Galliae, sometimes with the addition Confessionem Fideii Catholicae continens de Mysterio Incarnationis Christi, cum Erroris pristini Detestatione. It was held in very high estimation among ancient divines, and its author was regarded as one of the firmest bulwarks of orthodoxy against the attacks of the Nestorians. .  Although now reinstated in his ecclesiastical privileges, Leporius does not seem to have returned to his native country, but, laying aside the profession of a monk, was ordained a presbyter by St. Augustine, A.D. 425, and appears to be the same Leporius so warmly praised in the discourse De Vita et Moribus Clericorum.


  • Libellus emendationis sie satifactionis ad Apiscopos Galliae

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